Section 8 and the Timbers Army? Really? Tuesday July 28th, 2009 00:30

I was going to give props to the Fire fans that made the trip to Seattle for Saturday’s game, but I won’t. I was originally impressed with their numbers, but now I’m not. You see, I thought they were all real Fire Supporters, but it turns out their trip was scheduled by the Timbers Army. Wow Portland, it must really suck to have such an inferiority complex to Seattle that you have to dress up in red and align yourselves with Section 8 just to hate on us.

Face it, “We’re Seattle, and we’re better than you.”

And with that, I give you Section 8 and the Timber’s Army stopping in the middle of a song/chant, looking befuddled as Qwest erupts into a “Seattle” “Sounders” call and response.

Note to Glenn Davis, it’s not a lot of money to get from Portland to Seattle.

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