2014 MLS Tifo of the Week – Week 25 Thursday September 4th, 2014 20:14


The week 25 MLS Tifo of the Week goes to Curva Collective & Vancouver Southsiders for the display during their Cascadia cup clash with Portland. It’s a great card display, with a quote from War & Peace Art of War, and it highlights their players. Absolutely Love the work that went into this one!

Another angle of the tifo

Honorable Mention
District Ultras and La Norte had a plethora of displays this past week! Check them out below. I love their artwork with the eagle and the heart, super well done. I’d love to know the whole story behind the racoons, I’ve always heard rumors, but just figured it was supporter folk lore. Especially with the concrete falling incident this weekend. Let’s hope they get a stadium figured out soon!



NYRB Supporters

The Faithful
Black Army 1850 never cease to amaze me as they support the absolute mess that is Chivas TBD. If you’re in LA traveling, buy every one of these folks a beer.
Black Army 1850

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