2013 MLS Tifo of the Week – Week 23 Tuesday August 6th, 2013 21:36


The week 23 MLS Tifo of the Week for 2013 goes to the Timbers Army for their display against Vancouver in their Cascadia Cup match. It was great tifo, and well executed. Not a big fan of “brass balls,” but the tifo was well done.

Close Second


I was very torn between the Timbers Army tifo and the Emerald City Supporters tifo. ECS put this tifo together in less that 24 hours not knowing if Dempsey was even joining their team! (Rumor has it that they only had 4 hours to actually complete the piece!)


First off, this tifo from the Timbers Army didn’t last long (the FO removed it), but it speaks of one of the biggest growing pains MLS continues to have. Very simple and effective.

The Southsiders and Curva Collective did a streamer display away at Portland for their derby match. Rumor also has it that the Curva Collective (another Vancouver supporter group) had a tifo as well, but the Southsiders may have destroyed it? I’d love to hear more from anyone involved! EDIT: Added a note that Curva Collective also did the streamers. I have received a couple notes from several Vancouver supporters saying that it was not a supporters group that damaged the banner, but rather a non-sg fan.


The 1906 Ultras did a sort of tifo this week by protesting the treatment by their front office. It was noticed by other fans, but we’ll see if the FO budges.


Finally, the Thorns FC match also had some tifo this weekend (I know, I know, it’s not MLS!) Rose City Riveters did a great job with this display. It’s almost like there is some crossover from their MLS brother team…



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